A precise BPO data labeling service for all of your machine learning needs.

Our high-performance team works towards addressing your entire training data model. We provide data annotation for machine learning by utilizing the association of human talent and advanced tools to make each data classified for machines or computer vision.

No matter your project scale, we will assemble the exact workforce you require.

Image Annotation

Our qualified data annotators will label, tag and categorize images for input into machine learning software, making it easier to detect the varied objects just like human-being. Through bounding boxes, polylines, landmarks, semantic segmentation and more, we power your computer learning models to easily recognize and process labeled data.

Text Annotation

Labeling meaningful metadata to the original dataset is crucial to make the entire sentence understandable for a machine learning algorithm. Our annotation professionals with a background in natural language ensure to deliver the highest accuracy level using text highlight, polyline or any custom tool.

Video Annotation

We can label any type of video using advanced tools to capture and detect all moving objects with frame-by-frame annotated data. Whether it is for computer vision learning, object tracking for self-driving cars, or human activity and gesture recognition, we can deliver an optimal solution with the highest quality assurance by using tools such as semantic segmentation, bounding boxes or even custom tools that you want us to work on.

Sound Annotation

Outsource your audio annotation requirements then our linguists will classify and add metadata to every piece of sound. We use the best-in-class annotation tool with high accurate tagging to make such sounds more comprehensible to voice-enabled applications while providing the best data labeling service in Vietnam.